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Friday 28 April 28, 8 pm, Buttery, Wolfson College

Film Night: The Ambassador to Bern (A berni követ)

A fictional account of the 1958 attack against the Hungarian embassy in Bern. Based on a true story set in the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, directed by Attila Szász (with English subtitles).

Friday 5 May, 8 pm, Buttery, Wolfson College

Evening of Hungarian Folk Dancing

A great chance for everyone to have fun and explore the unique tradition of Hungarian folk dance and music. The event will be led by Tamás Ferencz, a graduate of the Hungarian Dance Academy. Folk dance events held by Tamás have been very popular across the UK.

Friday 12 May, 8 pm, Buttery, Wolfson College

Chasing the Double EagleReflections on the Physical and Psychological Archaeology of Habsburg Rule

Peter Pulzer

Prof Pulzer is Gladstone Professor Emeritus of Government at All Souls College and the author of numerous works on Central European history. The talk will focus on the idea that while Empires are on the whole exploitative and wicked, what they leave behind can be beneficial and interesting.

Friday 19 May, 8 pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Translating From Hungarian: My First Fifty Years

Peter Sherwood

Peter Sherwood was born in Hungary and moved to the UK in 1957. A writer, editor, translator and lexicographer, he has taught at universities in both the UK and the US. His translations include works by Noémi Szécsi and Miklós Vámos, and he will be talking to us about his very varied experiences.

Friday 26 May, 8 pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Polar Exploration: North and South

Bryan Cain

Barely mentioning the important, but overly well-known, stories of Scott, Shackelton, and Franklin, this presentation sketches the entire history of exploration around the North and South Poles from its beginning until late in the 20th century. Yes, Hungary figures in this story! Bryan Cain is a retired academic who has never been within a thousand miles of either Pole.

Friday 2 June, 8 pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Austro-Hungarian Soldiers in a Post-Austro-Hungarian World

Adam Luptak (Oriel College)

Adam, from Bratislava, Slovakia, is a DPhil student in History at Oriel College. In his talk, which stems from his doctoral research, he will discuss the topic of veterans of the Great War in interbellum Czechoslovak society.

Friday 9 June, 8 pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

MRI Wars - Attack of the Fat

Ferenc Emil Mózes (St Cross College)

MRI is a painless, non-invasive and safe way of taking pictures of the inside of the human body. However, an evil plot has been set up by metabolites and minerals to undermine the power of MRI scanners and provide poor images. Will a physicist win the battle and bring balance to the Force? Ferenc is a DPhil student in magnetic resonance physics in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.



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