Friday 16 October, 8pm, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church College

White God (film night)

Thirteen-year-old Lili fights to protect her dog Hagen. She is devastated when her father eventually sets Hagen free on the streets. Still innocently believing love can conquer any difficulty, Lili sets out to find her dog and save him. Directed by Kornél Mundruczó and awarded the 'Prix Un Certain Regard' in Cannes in 2014 as well as the Palm Dog Award (all of the untrained dogs appearing of film are mixed breeds adopted from animal shelters).



Friday 23 October, 8pm, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church College

A Taste of Hungary

Join us for a buffet dinner with traditional Hungarian food and drinks. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements, and we will try to accommodate your needs. Dress code: casual.



Friday 30 October, 8pm, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church College

The Burning of the World

Peter Zombory-Moldovan

In 2012, Peter Zombory-Moldovan, a British-born London lawyer, was handed the yellowing manuscript of a memoir secretly written by his grandfather, the Hungarian artist Béla Zombory-Moldován (1885-1967). In it Béla describes his experience of the early months of the Great War. Peter’s English translation, published in 2014 as The Burning of the World, has been critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic (the Irish Times called it “the literary discovery of the year”).


Friday 6 November, 8pm, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church College

The Whitehall Imaging Study

Enikő Zsoldos (DPhil student, research assistant - Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)

Enikő Zsoldos will talk about the Whitehall Imaging Oxford study, which investigates MRI abnormalities seen in the brains of 800 retired members of the famous Whitehall II cohort. The study combines 30 years of rich datasets with mental state and performance, and brain health in old age, answering important questions about the natural history of depression and dementia.


Friday 13 November, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Slovak Nationalism and the Myth of Magyarization, 1868-1918

Dr. Thomas Lorman (Teaching Fellow - School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL)

The talk would re-examine the impact of magyarization in modern-day Slovakia before 1918 and argue that it was neither effective or particularly instrumental in fomenting discontent. Dr. Lorman shall propose alternate reasons for the rise of Slovak nationalism, primarily that it was a revolt against the liberal policies pursued by the Hungarian government after 1868.


Friday 20 November, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Enthusiasm, Professionalisation and the Birth of the 'National Public': The Hungarian National Museum in the Nineteenth Century

Nóra Veszprémi (Research Fellow - University of Birmingham)

This lecture shall examine how often contradictory and even chaotic efforts of collectors, artists, politicians, donors and museum professionals at the first national museum contributed to the formation of a modern audience (Nóra Veszprémi is a former curator at the Hungarian National Gallery).


Friday 27 November, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Krasznahorkai: Translations, Sentences and Systems

George Szirtes (poet, translator)

Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai has won this year’s Man Booker International Prize, which he shared with his translators George Szirtes and Ottilie Mulzet. George Szirtes will shed light on the challenges, complexities and rewards of translating such unique work as that of Krasznahorkai. 

George Szirtes won the T. S. Eliot Prize for his book of poems Reel in 2004 and his two subsequent books, The Burning of the Books (2009) and Bad Machine (2013) were also shortlisted. His last book of poems for children, In the Land of Giants won the 2012 CLPE award for best book of verse for children.


 Friday 4 December, 8pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Arminius Vambery and his Identities: Orientalism and Personality

Miklós Sárközy (Associate Professor of Károli Gáspár Univerity, Budapest and ‎Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London)

Miklós Sárközy, a well known Oriental scholar will talk about Arminius Vambery, the famous 19th century Hungarian Oriental scholar and traveller.




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