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Week 1

Wednesday, 13 October - 19:00, The Alchemist

Chemical Theatre

Join us in The Alchemist for a served chemical theatre, and watch the amazing cocktails bewitch and bedazzle


Week 2

Saturday, 23 October - 19:00, Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College

23 October: Life of the Emigrant

On 23 October, we will have an evening discussion about emigrating in 1956 and emigrant experience more broadly, with Professor Péter Róna and others sharing their memories and thoughts. All are welcome!


Week 3

Thursday, 28 October - 19:00, St Anne's JCR 

Just Dance 

On 23 October, we will have an eLife at Oxford is beginning to return to its pre pandemic state, and what better way to celebrate this than by bringing back one of our most popular regular events, Just Dance! Come and enjoy a lighthearted, fun evening filled with snacks, drinking and playing the famous dancing game.

Week 4

Thursday, 4 November - 20:00, Daubeny Labs, Magdalen College

Movie Night


Watch Kontroll, the famous Hungarian comedy-thriller movie together with us, a story that revolves around the ticket inspectors of the Budapest Metro system, riders, and a possible killer. (lang.: Hungarian, sub.: English)

Week 5

Saturday, 13 November - 18:30, St Giles' Church

Lángos & Láger

Finish this academic year with a pint and a pub quiz that makes you yearn for more. Old and new faces alike are welcome. More details to come soon!

Week 6

Friday, 19 November - 19:00, Old Law Library, Magdalen College

Guest Speaker: Ádám Nádasdy

Our guest speaker for this term is none other than the famous linguist and literary translator Ádám Nádasdy, Should you come along you will have the chance to learn about ongoing changes in the Hungarian language as well as pose your any questions you might have.

Week 7


Termly Dinner


With the regulations permitting, we are going to have our termly black tie dinner this Michaelmas as well – details coming later to confirm if it will be a formal college dinner or a fancy (but reasonably priced) restaurant in Oxford.

Week 8

Thursday, 2 December - 19:00, St Anne's JCR

Oxmas: Gingerbread Decoration & Mulled Wine


Get in the festive spirit by decorating your own gingerbread while sipping on some mulled wine.

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